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Why is the fashion industry not as popular as it once was?

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16 Aug 2023

Why is the fashion industry not as popular as it once was?

Paving the Red Brick Road: The Decline of Glittery Runways

Why did the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry start feeling less like a celebrity-studded gala and more akin to just another day at the office? Ah, the million-dollar question we’ve all been asking ourselves. The issue here isn’t necessarily that our love for fashion has dwindled down to an uninspired wisp - it's still very much alive. The challenge lies in the industry's struggle to maintain the veneer of enthusiastic novelty it once had - simply put, people don't get as excited anymore.

I’ve seen firsthand how a newly released collection could send ripples of excitement through the crowd. The energy was palpable, nigh intoxicating! But lately, that spark seems to be snuffed out. And this isn't just my opinion, mind you - even my better half, Mia, has noticed the change. She's spotted less glitter and more business than ever before at every fashion launch we attend.

Online Shopping: The Invisible Titan

Have you ever thought about the significance of the current online shopping trend on the fashion industry? 'Buffet on demand' – sounds delightful, right? Everything you could possibly desire is now just a click away, and that in itself has taken a huge chunk out of the 'experience' that fashion once offered.

We've all done it at some point - heck, Mia caught me shopping for socks online last night. What can I say, those neon checkered numbers called out to me. Buying clothes online has become so ingrained in our lives that we often overlook the implications. What was once an exciting expedition to find that one perfect outfit has been reduced to a convenient, albeit uninspiring, few clicks and taps.

Inflated Prices: The Popularity Burden

Another interesting fact to consider in this sartorial mystery is the inflated prices often attached to designer wear. They say beauty comes at a cost, but in my personal opinion, that cost shouldn't be the equivalent of a small car. Mia often jokes that the price tag is part of the fashion, much to the chagrin of my wallet.

This price inflation creates a sort of drawbridge between fashion and the common consumer. Sure, it's an attempt at exclusivity, but it also diminishes the popularity of the industry. After all, can we really expect folks to be endlessly excited about something they can barely afford?

Fashion Sustainability: An Oxymoron?

The words 'fast fashion' have become a bit of a taboo in recent times, and rightly so. The impact of the retail industry on our planet is far from sustainable. The term 'throwaway culture' springs to mind when one thinks about the prevalence of fast fashion. And that’s just it - fashion inherently encourages constant change, which contradicts sustainability.

Nonetheless, a large section of society wants to shop morally and ethically. Consumers today are more aware of their buying decisions and the implications they have for the world. So, the question remains - is it possible for the fashion industry to align itself with sustainable practices while propelling its originals ideals of fresh design and innovation? This dilemma has certainly been a factor in the declining popularity of the fashion industry.

Reviving the Fashion Industry: A Challenge, Not a Conclusion

The fashion industry certainly faces several hurdles, but please don’t mistake my observations as a eulogy. No, far from it. Consider this a call to action, an appeal to reinvent and adapt. The winds of change have been blowing strongly for a while now, and it's up to this creative industry, filled with artistic minds and innovative souls, to set sail and catch that wind.

If this industry can adapt to changes in societal values, keep up with shifting shopping habits, and make conscious efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, I have no doubt that it can reclaim its lost popularity. I know I can't wait to see the day when Mia and I attend a fashion launch thrilled with renewed excitement - twinkling lights, breathtaking creativity, and an industry back on its feet, standing tall.

Finnegan Belcourt
Finnegan Belcourt

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