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Is ASOS a good place to shop?

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3 Aug 2023

Is ASOS a good place to shop?

Introduction and First Impressions

I remember the first time I stumbled upon ASOS. I was probably surfing the internet for surfing gear when I got lost and found myself inside a wardrobe that reminded me of The Lion, The Witch, and the ASOS – I mean, the wardrobe. The variety of clothing wear on display was enough to make a man drool. A virtual hanger of modern style and fashion, ASOS pulled me towards itself like a moth to a lantern.

Welcome to the wardrobe of whimsical fashion; a detailed tale of online shopping at ASOS. Coming from the Southern Hemisphere (that's Sydney, Australia, mates), the question pops up, "Is ASOS a good place to shop?"

Shopping Experience

Strapped in the rollercoaster ride directly into the fashion labyrinth, my first ASOS shopping experience was nothing short of enthralling. The site was simple to use and filled with an amazing range of products. I would categorize ASOS's interface as intuitive, easy to navigate even for someone who finds computer keys daunting, like my buddy from down under (or I just mean the neighbor across).

Now, all these incredible wares lead to another question. "But, what about the price, mate?" Hear this, my fellows. ASOS is a wonderland that doesn't make your wallet cry a river. You'll find high-end designer brands and affordable yet fashionable items, gracefully coexisting. It's like a friendly neighborhood where Armani lives next to Uncle Bob's thrift store.

Product Range and Quality

ASOS has an exceptionally wide range of products. Imagine any article of clothing or accessory and there's a high chance ASOS carries it. From gym wear to wedding gear, ASOS is the virtual shopping mall that never ends. But still, the question is, "what about the quality?" Speaking from personal experience, ASOS delivers here as well. The products showcase excellent craftsmanship and fit true to their descriptions. Mia, my spouse, loves their dresses.

If you're someone that appreciates an eco-friendly approach as well, ASOS has got your back! With their "Responsible Edit" section, which features a variety of sustainably made products, you can indulge in your fashion cravings while being kind to Mother Earth as well.

Shipping and Returns

ASOS is a global retailer and their shipping service reflects that, delivering goods promptly almost everywhere. If you are like me and live in Sydney, you can expect your order within a week or two, more prompt than some local deliveries. What's more, it offers free international shipping for purchases over a certain amount.

Sometimes, you order a snazzy pair of trousers and they fit like a tent. To prevent this awkward fashion predicament, ASOS provides a comprehensive size guide to avoid such mishaps. But even if the tent happens, ASOS's return policy is up to the mark, with a free and easy returns process.

The ASOS App

With the world turning to handheld devices for just about everything (is there an app to make my coffee yet?), ASOS stays ahead with their dedicated app. The ASOS app is not just a recreation of their website. It's a well-optimized platform for mobile users, designed in a manner to easily browse, locate, and buy your items of interest.

The app flaunts features like 'Saved Items' and 'Board', which allow you to save items for later and even assemble whole outfits. Got a slow Sunday with a cuppa joe? Just browse the app, save some items for later, and before you know it, summer's whole wardrobe shopping might just be over!

Exclusive Brands and Collections

Moving beyond regular clothing lines, ASOS represents a motley of exclusive brands and collections that cater to unique tastes. With the specially curated lineups like ASOS DESIGN, ASOS EDITION, ASOS 4505, and more, their exclusiveness is boldly underlined. So, if your style resembles more of a canvas than a template, dive into the world of ASOS's rich offerings.

Additionally, ASOS debunks the myth that style and body positivity can’t coexist, with their inspiring “Curve and Plus size” and "Tall" collections. Everyone gets to bask in the glow of fashionable attire, irrespective of their shape, size or height.


Looking at the range, quality, user-friendly interface, shipping policies, the trendy app, and unique collections, ASOS certainly qualifies as a fruitful place to shop. Like all delightful narratives, it also holds some quirks and curves. But, hey, doesn't life in Sydney as well?

A final piece of advice. When you dive into the world of ASOS, be prepared for a tidal wave of options. Whether it's a tie for your pet's birthday (yes, they have pet accessories too), or a dress for an upcoming wedding, ASOS will surprise and embrace you with its whirlpool of fashion. So, hold on to your hats (which you can also buy from ASOS) and get ready to take the plunge!

Finnegan Belcourt
Finnegan Belcourt

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