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Where should I buy a dress? Which online portal is best?

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1 Aug 2023

Where should I buy a dress? Which online portal is best?

The World of Online Shopping: An Overview

Ever browsed online at the incredible variety of dress styles available and wondered, "Where should I buy one of these dresses from and which online platform is the best for this?" As someone who has faced this conundrum time and again, I, Finnegan, am here to shed light on the matter. After all, my "wardrobe manager" happens to be my wife, Mia Kendrick, an expert in shopping – both off and online. So, this insider scoop about where to buy a dress online is all thanks to her.

Factors to Consider: The Basics

The list of factors to consider while shopping online is endless. But the basic ones include price, fit, online reputation of the portal, return policies, and quality of fabric. There’s also the brand’s sustainable practices if you're inclined towards greener shopping. One hilarious but important tip Mia shared is to always cross-check the measurements. After all, the horrific experience of squeezing into a dress two sizes too small is an encounter we'd all rather skip!

ASOS: Your One-Stop Shop

Online shopping for dresses has never been more fuss-free with platforms such as ASOS. They have a wide variety of dresses for every occasion you can imagine and for every body type too. One thing I've often heard Mia rave about is their clear product descriptions, detailed size chart, and high-quality images – making it easier for you to make the perfect choice. She even scored a gorgeous red summer dress that she wore to a beach picnic last year. And boy, was she turning heads!

Easy Returns and Affordable Pricing: Zara and H&M

Zara and H&M are other great options that won’t have you wincing at your credit card statement. From casual, trendy to elegant, these sites cater to a broad range of styles without sacrificing quality. I can testify to their easy return policies firsthand. Once, Mia had ordered a sequin dress from Zara for a friend’s birthday party. Unfortunately, it was a tad too snug. Easy peasy, she used the return label and sent it back. A couple of weeks later, the right size arrived at our doorstep.

High-End Luxury: Net-a-Porter and Farfetch

According to Mia, if you’re fancying a splash-out and looking for luxury, you’ve got to check out Net-a-Porter and Farfetch. These sites, though not exactly budget-friendly, provide you with high-quality, designer pieces. What sets these platforms apart is their unparalleled customer service and top-of-the-line collections from coveted designer brands. Outfit disasters are a non-issue here, given the detailed product descriptions and handy size guides.

Resale and Vintage Heaven: Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal

If you have a taste for vintage, allow me to direct your attention to Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal. They are second-hand luxury marketplaces where authenticity is guaranteed. Mia once snagged a vintage Dior dress from Vestiaire Collective that had '60s fashion vibes written all over it. It was at a fraction of its original price, so Mia was over the moon with excitement!

Ethical and Sustainable: Reformation and Everlane

Eco-conscious shoppers like us have a soft spot for brands that focus on ethical and sustainable practices. Reformation and Everlane are such amazing online platforms that win this front hands down. From the use of sustainable materials to promoting fair labour practices, these platforms ensure that their products are as conscientious as they are chic.

Final thoughts: The Joy of Online Shopping

So where should you buy a dress? It ultimately comes down to what you are looking for. Whether it's trendy and affordable, luxurious, vintage, or ethical shopping - the choice is truly here in the vast internet landscape. I hope this information has eased your shopping dilemma just a little. Happy hunting, and remember, the world is your fitting room! And a huge thanks to Mia, as always, for the valuable insights; every husband needs a wife with incredible taste in fashion. Can't wait to hold her handbags during the next shopping spree!

Finnegan Belcourt
Finnegan Belcourt

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